40 Day Yoga Challenge

Jump start your kundalini yoga practice with our 40 day “at home yoga package.”  We’ll give you a kriya (yoga set) specifically selected for you based on your goals, physical ability, and daily time commitment.  Each package includes

  • a questionnaire
  • a take home kriya (yoga set) specifically selected for you and your goals
  • a meditation specifically selected for you
  • an online log for you to update daily. Our instructions include daily comments about your practice, answer any questions, etc.
  • the book Meditation as Medicine by Dharma Singh Khalsa
  • music to use for the 40 day period
  • an in-studio yoga class at the San Francisco Kundalini Yoga Center.

The cost is $80-$160 sliding scale for the at home package.   These packages can be requested by emailing lynn@rasayancenter.com.


1)  Are all the 40 day assignments the same?

No, kundalini yoga has literally thousands of kriyas (yoga sets) and meditations. We select the right kriya and meditation for you based on your responses in the questionnaire and our observation of you during your in-studio class.

2)  Do I need to do the yoga set every day?

Yes, the 40 days is 40 consecutive days.  We will offer a very short (3 minute) option for days you can’t do the full set, but we ask that you do at least this 3 minutes a day.  Ideally, you should do your whole kriya and meditation set.

3)  I only have 10-20 minutes a day to dedicate to yoga. Can I still participate?

Absolutely.  Our goal is to help you establish a daily practice.  A daily practice can be as little as 3 minutes a day. The important thing is that you do something each day.